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Disrupting Traditional Real Estate

Disrupting Traditional 
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Carlsberg Byen

Disruption. Data. Design.

Carlsberg (yep, makers of the luscious beer) has branched out extensively. 
Not only are they constructing an entirely new neighbourhood in central Copenhagen – Carlsberg Byen, they have also disrupted the entire real estate industry by undertaking the sales themselves! Valtech was there to help them make it happen.

Carlsberg Byen P/S is well on its way turning the historic brewery grounds into a new neighbourhood. Over the next 8-10 years, Carlsberg Byen P/S plans to transform the grounds into a variety of 3500 private households, retail stores, restaurants, health centres, and institutions. But first, the units need to be sold.

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Carlsberg Byen

Reviewing the Value of Data

Together, Valtech and Carlsberg Byen contemplated the potential disadvantages of contracting external real estate agents to manage sales. Carlsberg Byen would not only miss out on the initial point of contact with all the potential clients, they would also miss out on an inconceivable amount of priceless(!) data.

Valtech turned these considerations into hard-core facts, putting dollars on data, and provided the necessary analysis that confirmed that disrupting the real estate market would be worth its while for Carlsberg Byen.

Carlsberg Byen

From Digital Data to Real Life Dreams

With the establishment of an in-house agency and access to priceless data, Carlsberg Byen also needed the right integrations to ensure the flow of data and necessary information back to potential buyers in a way that truly sells the dream.

When the dream is in fact a giant hole in the ground, to say that an image is worth a thousand words just might be an understatement. Valtech helped Carlsberg Byen turn digital data into real life dreams by providing an entirely new platform developed on Sitecore Experience Manager.

The explorative design that enables visitors to take online tours of the grounds and all the necessary integrations to provide personalized content, has provided Carlsberg Byen with an ideal platform to show and actually sell the dream of living in Carlsberg Byen


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