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Get to Know Copenhagen Airports


Inaugurated on 20 April, 1925 Copenhagen Airport was one of the first civil airports in the world. From the days when sheep were used to keep the grass on their runways short, Copenhagen Airports has become Scandinavia’s biggest airport with roughly 30.3 million passengers in 2019.

The airport has long had an ambition to grow to 40 million passengers a year. Through our partnership, we've continued to get the airport to see that the way to that goal is through better passenger experience and happier customers.

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Reinventing the Customer Experience

Copenhagen Airports

Anyone racking their brains over e-commerce knows good data is vital in making your customers happy. Copenhagen Airports understands this and is working on a complete workaround of its digital customer experience.

As consumers, we all know the pleasures of finding a good Taxfree deal. But most airports make that good deal more of a random catch than a personalised experience that fits smoothly into the customer journey. This is no longer the case for passengers at Copenhagen Airports (CPH).

It Starts with a Stress-free Customer

Shopping from the Sofa

“It is easy to view CPH as a benchmark of innovation among Europe’s airports,” wrote in 2015. In the years before, a new seamless integration of offline with online tax-free shopping had just been implemented (by Valtech), allowing travellers to browse tax-free shops online, stress-free from their own sofa. Purchased items could then be picked up from the terminal shopping area. Without the hassle of waiting or being in a hurry to go to the gate.

Know What They Want

The personalised omni-channel customer journey

But as Copenhagen Airports has set its digital ambitions high, they want to take it further. Much further. In the digital age, the good old "know your customer" translates into knowing precisely who needs what at which moment in time. Together with Valtech, CPH designed a smooth and personalised omni-channel customer journey, offering opportunities for increasing engagement time and thus business opportunities.

Every Touch Point an Opportunity

Copenhagen Airports

The customer journey wheel identifies all touchpoints, or contact moments between traveller and airport. In the flight search process, CPH uses profiling cloud software to collect data. Next comes travel preparation and taxfree shopping—all as stress-free as it can be. Product Information Management (PIM) enables smooth disclosure of product presentations in one central interface.

Once at the airport, the airport app, wifi and mobile points of sale (POS) engage the traveller even more. And after arrival at the destination, it continues and eventually it starts all over again with booking or preparing for the next flight.

Happy Customers

Copenhagen Airports

The main idea behind all this profiling, clouds and data management is to get into the mind of the customer. The more personal their airport experience becomes, the more appreciated they will feel and the more time and money they will spend.

Because in the end, don’t we all prefer to spend our money and time with friends who appreciate us for our unique personality?

Key Results from Customer Journey Mapping

Copenhagen Airports

The great work and the great results that Copenhagen Airports and Valtech have achieved, has been recognized on several fronts including getting awarded at Danish Digital Awards 2016 in the categories: Platforms & Systems and Building Business.

  • $7.3 million savings on Customer Service by improving online usability
  • $5.9 million revenue growth, especially through
  • 34% revenue growth on in 2015, mostly by integration of the different digital platforms (, loyalty program, parking site, app).
  • 200% bigger average order value when combining offline with online shopping

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