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A Digital Partnership with a Thirst for Data

A Digital Partnership with a Thirst for Data



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Get to Know Eden Springs

Eden Springs International, specialized in mineral water and coffee distribution, is an Israeli company that was founded in 1981. It was taken over in 2016 by the Canadian group Scott, one of the largest beverage producers in the world. This gave Eden Springs the opportunity to strengthen its international capacity whilst enabling it to develop its range of products and services, particularly in the coffee market.

Eden Springs

Homogenous and Structured Expression

At the end of 2014, Eden Springs acquired Nestlé Waters Direct, giving it access to Germany and reinforcing its presence in Eastern Europe. The group realized at this time the need for an accurate global vision of the evolution of its markets, most of which were European.

Indeed, the new company became a part of a group comprising 80 other entities that operate autonomously and manage their own sites. The creation of a coherent and well-structured e-commerce platform became a primary objective. Through consultation with Valtech is was decided that a data-led approach was crucial to creating a site that would both adhere to the brand and meet the needs of customers in each location. 

Building a Data-centric Ecosystem

Building a Data-centric Ecosystem

The project was entrusted to Valtech Switzerland and Valtech France in November 2014, and covered 15 countries. First, the digital agency took on the design and ergonomics of the platform developed with Drupal. Then, digital performance quickly became a central challenge. Although the priority was to unify and increase the coherence of the Group’s digital communications, local issues were nonetheless taken to heart for the platform’s design. Difficult to do otherwise when you have a multi-brand strategy!

Digital Performance & Better Legibility

Digital Performance & Better Legibility

Far from glossing over each market’s specificities, Valtech’s digital performance experts, on the contrary, identified them, attributed them specific KPIs and included them in their analysis. All useful information was assigned to specific dashboards and every lead generated to a database. Valtech designed and applied the whole SEO strategy in line with the progressive launches of the platform on the various markets.

Eden Springs

An Online Strategy that is Truly Managed

The first wave of migration took place in February 2018. The monthly reports currently generated country by country enable the Group to improve its market knowledge, refine its vision and adjust where necessary. A handful of countries in Eastern Europe still remain to be migrated in 2018. Over time, a privileged relationship has been built between Valtech and Eden Springs. In the first 10 months of its existence, the new site has generated 33% of revenue.

In addition to the revenue increase, this project also resulted in:

  • 90% increase in average order value
  • 31% increase in organic traffic from SEO improvements
  • 18 different sites with different languages serving customers around the world

The results show that a data-led approach is crucial for creating highly effective websites across multiple demographics and locations. 

“During the overhaul of our brand and e-commerce platform in Europe, we have benefitted from Valtech France’s expertise in driving our KPIs, to guarantee that the critical objectives in Eden Springs’ online strategy are on-point and followed up."

Anthony Morand, Project Manager & Webmaster, Eden Springs International S.A.

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