Telling a complex story by introducing simple yet great design

Telling a complex story by introducing simple yet great design



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Get to Know NNE

NNE is an international company, specialised in pharma engineering. With around 2,000 professionals delivering global knowledge and best practise, they help pharmaceutical companies bring products to market by providing flexible, compliant and future-proof solutions. 

NNE has a great range of services, but faced difficulties constructing the right digital story, making it clear to people what exactly it is, NNE offers. Therefore, they didn't just need a simple makeover of their website, they needed a new site, that could tell a complex story properly and elegantly. 


How to Tell a Complex Story

NNE has a rather unique set-up, providing consulting for the pharma engineering process throughout the entire pharma manufacturing lifecycle - from building to pill and from research to delivery.

This unique set-up had proven difficult for NNE to make customers understand. What exactly do they offer and to whom? They needed help constructing the right digital story, that makes it clear what exactly it is, they can do.


Defining Core Services

Valtech was chosen to help them build the new website and the first step and a big part of the collaboration naturally focused on identifying and describing the core services in a short but concise way.



Of Course Looks Matter

With the core services identified and illustrated as seen above, the entire website got a makeover using the Optimizely platform. Focusing on simplicity and clarity, the design now supports the story of their services, while adhering to the demand of responsivity, ensuring a great experience across all platforms.



Positioning NNE

NNE has always engaged in debates and shared their passion for pharma engineering. With their new site, this was made even more clear with the establishment of their online magazine TechTalk. Not only has TechTalk given them a leading voice, it has enabled them to gather various articles and publications that was formerly spread across various channels in various formats, in their own online magazine with a complimenting dynamic and appetizing magazine-like look and feel.


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