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Get to Know Qantas


The Australian company, regarded as one of the world’s leading long distance airlines, engaged Valtech to give their new Q Streaming In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system a kick in the pants. Qantas wanted a platform that was more personal and adaptable.  By adopting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model, they wanted to help passengers feel more at home by giving them the ability to consume entertainment on the devices they are already the most comfortable and familiar with. 

A Hop, Skip and Jump


Valtech developed an app for iOS, Android and web, allowing passengers to switch to airplane mode, login to the plane’s Wi-Fi and consume media on their personal phones, tablets and laptops during domestic flights. With a seamless user experience and consistent UI, Valtech delivered on their goal to make continental trips all the more enjoyable. 

And Still Kicking


The app, which leverages the on-board Wi-Fi capability of Qantas planes, has been progressively launched on all domestic Australian flights—significantly reducing the amount of heavy and expensive in-seat technology. In addition to Qantas-supplied iPads, the era of personal mobile devices integrated with your traveling experience is here.

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