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Uncovering Actionable Customer Insights

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Uncovering Actionable Customer



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Rotman School of Management

Supervised Machine Learning

Rotman was seeking a way to validate existing online visitor segmentation strategy and a way to test a hypothesis that thought leadership and research are influential factors in student applications

Using Sitecore xDB data and supervised machine learning, Valtech created models that can confidently predict high engagement and conversion, as well as discern deeper visitor behavioural insights.

Rotman School of Management

Gathering Data

Using the Sitecore xDB analytics database on the newly upgraded Sitecore 8.1 website, rich behavioural data and insights were gathered via:

  • Assigning relative engagement values to twelve website microconversions
  • Assigning visitor segment profiles to topical content
  • Discerning segment behaviour and value insights using Sitecore Analytics

Rotman School of Management

Boosting Enrolment

The project validated Rotman’s existing segmentation strategy and paved the way for a second tier based on lifestyle factors to boost enrolment in part-time programs. The project also drove marketing strategy, revealing targeted opportunities to boost behaviours with high predictive value towards conversion and engagement.

Predict when users would convert with an accuracy of 88%

Increase the value per visit for key personas: Up 224% for Finance Persona; Up 55% for Creative Persona

Want further insights on personalization?

Let experts from Valtech and Sitecore explain the ins and outs of personalization in the recording of our joint webinar: "Let's get personal"

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