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A Digital Dream

Royal Copenhagen

A digital universe. A place to convey a unique story on heritage, products and designers. A source of inspiration for customers. That was the digital dream of top-notch porcelain and design brand Royal Copenhagen. 

Royal Copenhagen is not your ordinary Danish design brand. It has a royal heritage of craftsmanship, rooted in the history of China porcelain. A premium brand like this is best brought to life in a flagship store, with space for sensory inspiration and presentation. But what to do in a world where customers first go to your website, before they check your flagship store? Precisely. You turn your website into a flagship store.

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Serene Surfing

Royal Copenhagen

Strategy, concept and a new design. That’s what needed to be done. Valtech embarked on it with royal pride. In order to properly showcase the beautiful pieces of porcelain, we suggested lifelike, detailed photographs to give customers an authentic, close-by feel for the products. Simple navigation ensured a serene browsing experience from area to area.

Royal Website Experience

Royal Copenhagen

Being the digital craftspeople we are, the result is a digital landmark in the world of porcelain. Here, Royal Copenhagen’s 240 years of design, tradition and craftsmanship all come together.

Website visitors can now immerse themselves in beautiful product presentations that breathe inspiration, design and passion. As to business objectives: they also win. The new hybris-based site gives the website owners a higher extent of freedom for marketing and running campaigns across different channels.

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