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An App that Can Save Lives

An App that Can Save Lives



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Get to Know TrygFonden Defibrillator

TrygFonden’s primary purpose is to increase security in Denmark within the core areas of safety, health and welfare. They work to make Denmark a safer place to live and their mission is to inspire everyone in Denmark to take responsibility for their own safety as well as that of others. 


A Change of Heart

Each year around 4000 people in Denmark suffers from an out of hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA). In 2001 less than 4% of these people survived whereas in now this figure has reached 12% due to the fact that ordinary people – bystanders - intervene, begin CPR and use defibrillators (AEDs). 

In November 2011, the Board of Health published a new national directive to place defibrillators outside hospitals, making them accessible to the public. A further recommendation was made for the creation of a mobile solution with information on the whereabouts of defibrillators around Denmark. A recommendation to which TrygFonden and Valtech responded.


Finding Help in a Heartbeat

Together, we developed the native iOS, Android and Windows phone app, “TrygFonden Defibrillator,” as a tool to locating the defibrillators in Denmark. The app explains to users how to perform life-saving CPR and how easily register their defibrillator so that it can easily be geo-located. The app uses an interactive map function to show all the registered defibrillators and the nearest locations, in case of an emergency.

Based on our initial research (through user-surveys and data) and with a focus on supporting the end-users experience in ‘micro-moments’ – when the users actually have a need for the content and services we deliver – we conceptualized a new responsive design for The new platform gives the user the possibility to gain knowledge about cardiac arrest and PPR, the use and whereabouts of AEDs and how to register new AEDs but also make room for storytelling and engagement such as case stories.


Heart Healthy

Today, there are more than 12.000 defibrillators registered on, which represents approximately half of the total volume sold. With the apps, TrygFonden anticipates a rise in registrations due to the apps.

Since launching the website we have seen an increase in overall traffic to the website with around 48% new visitors – both generated by organic traffic (from optimized technical SEO and content work) as well as traffic from social channels. These visitors don't just visit, they generate 39% more pageviews and stay on each page 8% longer. Because of this we also see a 65% increase in traffic and engagement from mobile devices - which was below average before. In this way we have succeeded in optimizing our solution towards both the initial steps in the customer journey, as well as engaging our users more on the website.

But the most important result is of course the 33% increase en registered defibrillators, meaning more lives can be saved!


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