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Get to Know Valyo


Valyo AG is a Swiss-based Fintech startup founded in 2019 that pursues the vision of a modern, open and transparent financial market. It operates a digital financial marketplace for bond-issuing and combines it with a team of financial market experts from the Swiss credit and capital market. In doing so, Valyo bridges the worlds of established personal financial advice with a digital platform that covers required processes end-to-end.


Valtech has accompanied us from the very start of our journey, facilitating the idea of a transparent, open and more digital financial market and bringing this to life. From shaping a vision, to writing a business plan, to the actual realization – Valtech was always able to consult, support and deliver.

Dani Schwab

Preparing the Opportunity


The project team began by conducting a business and market analysis to understand the status quo. Then a compelling business idea and vision were formulated and a flexible business case calculated. Consequently, a new value chain process was drafted which formed the basis of the to-be developed product proposition. Identifying and bringing together required strategic partners and convincing top management stakeholders to invest, followed.

Ramping Up the Venture


Once an investment decision was induced, the implementation phase started. On the one hand, the development of the new Fintech startup was pursued. This was initiated by creating and registering a new brand name as well as defining the identity and design of the brand. But the process didn't stop there, the founding and setting up of the business, the definition of the operating model, conducting various sales and HR activities, including talent recruitment, all followed those initial activities.

A marketing strategy and plan was put together and an initial launch campaign was developed. To allow for effective co-creation, the founders were hosted on Valtech’s office premises during the incubation period until a suitable office space was found and beautified next door.

disruptive marketplace platform

Implementing the Platform


On the other hand, the development of the digital marketplace and the corporate website was accelerated. At the outset of the business, design and technical requirements were gathered, and a technical concept was formulated. Based on the branding outputs, the user experience was defined and the user interface for the marketplace designed. In addition, the content was created in close collaboration with the client and a law firm for the legal documents.

Adhering to an agile approach, the front-end and back-end development continuously brought the platform to life, always monitored by intense testing. For the launch, operations were setup and hyper-care activities were conducted to support onboarding of marketplace participants.

We demonstrated our unique capabilities through combining our business expertise alongside our technology savviness throughout all phases from business idea to running business. Together with Valyo, we built, shaped and delivered a digital end-to-end marketplace and successfully founded a FinTech start-up
Achim Gareus
Head of Consulting & Design
Valtech Switzerland

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Continuous Accompaniment

Both implementation streams—business setup and marketplace development—were supported with business, design and technical project management as well as regular stakeholder management activities. As of spring 2020, the client is still accompanied to continuously develop the business and platform further in order to achieve the defined business target picture.

Mission Accomplished

With the planned launch in spring 2020, everything was ready to go. Given the proven full-service development of a new business venture and the implementation of a disruptive marketplace platform. Valtech, with its partners Raiffeisen and Valyo, can proudly look back on a job well done. And with a state-of-the-art, flexible and scalable architecture under the hood, Valyo can now rely on a truly cloud native system, tailored to their needs for the years to come.

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