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Microsoft CEO Shares Valtech & MAC Cosmetics Story

July 14, 2021

In the fall of 2020, Valtech and MAC Cosmetics opened their first U.S. concept store. Working extensively with the Valtech connected experience team, both MAC and Valtech sought to reimagine the retail experience, shifting away from the traditional physical store functions of inventory and transactions to a richer digital experience that encourages learning, loyalty and a seamless omnichannel journey – in store or at home.  To achieve this goal, MAC needed a partner with deep expertise in retail, digital design, and storytelling along with deep technical knowledge; they chose Valtech.

The exciting physical-digital experience in Queens NY leverages Microsoft Azure services and has gained the attention of Microsoft Chairman and CEO, Satya Nadella, who mentioned the work during his Inspire Keynote Session. You can watch the session here.

As a managed partner within the Microsoft Partner Network, Valtech brought extensive cloud, augmented reality, and development knowledge to MAC to build a physical digital retailing journey that connects users to the world of MAC in a totally new way. Built completely bespoke and from the ground up atop Azure, the concept store has allowed MAC to quickly test, learn and deploy technologies and services like never before.


“With consumers shopping online more than ever before, brick-and-mortar retailers need to work twice as hard to provide them with a unique experience they can only get in store. Valtech has been an integral partner in helping MAC do just that. Together we created a one-of-a-kind new retail concept that brings together the best of the physical and virtual worlds and continues to serve as a testing ground for our ongoing retail transformation.”

Philippe Pinatel, Global Brand President, M·A·C Cosmetics


The Experience

The connected experience begins with the customer checking in via MAC Pass by scanning a personal QR code at one of the stations (Lips, Eyes or Face). MAC Pass, one of the most innovative and exciting aspects of the new store build an engagement profile (MAC PASS STUDIO) for the guest which allows them to store information about favorite products and shades, selfies, gifs, etc, and saves the information to the Azure Cloud for access at home or on your phone.


Through the upgraded Virtual Try On (VTO) feature, customers can use Augmented Reality to try on a wide range of different MAC products directly from their personal device or at one of the screens in the store. Everything from lipstick to eye shadow can be previewed directly in the app.

Another fun and unique feature of the concept store is Tap and Try. Making use of our customer RFID technology, Tap and Try allows a customer to VTO a product simply by picking it up. Instead of scrolling through the options on the VTO screen in the app or at one of the stations, simply pick up a product. The technology recognizes the product in the consumer’s hands and instantly tries on the product in a virtual mirror facing the customer.

Want a personal walk through of the concept store and technologies that built it, as well as a full overview of the connected experience shift happening today and tomorrow? Reach out to

You can discover the full MAC Cosmetics Case Study here!

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