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Q&A: The adVantages of Valtech Vantage

VP of Marketing and Innovation

April 30, 2019

Are you curious about the details of Valtech Vantage? Get them here.

What is Valtech Vantage?

Valtech Vantage is an exciting new platform that gathers consumer behaviour in physical locations and connects it with web analytics to create a personalized omni-channel consumer profile.

How does Vantage work?

It’s a seamless four-step process:

1. When a customer enters a store, the radio signal emitted from their phone provides the opportunity to collect behavioural data from your physical location visitors.
2. Using existing in-store Wi-Fi, Vantage detects these signals to show anonymous visitor count, locations, time spent.
3. Once a customer opts-in to be identified through a personal identifier (email, phone number, loyalty number, etc.) Vantage can send them information (discounts, offers, etc.) to enhance their in-store experience.
4. Using their personal identifier, an omni-channel customer profile is created integrating their on and offline activity, enabling a deeper knowledge of core customers and helping them along their journey.

How will consumers benefit?

The customer is the key to unlocking the benefits that Vantage offers.
Vantage creates personalized omni-channel experiences, it delivers online and in-store content that is personally relevant to each shopper. We use data from your customers’ most recent searches and store visits to offer them what they want, when they want it. Customers are now provided a more personalized and engaging experience with less friction.

Companies are missing the mark when it comes to personalization. How can Vantage help these brands make an impact?

Yes, it’s true that many brands are struggling to compete in the personalization arena. Vantage is precise in targeting your key audience. It classifies visitors by micro-segments based on their attributes and activity in-store and online.

Companies can integrate their mobile app with Vantage and expand their marketing reach through in-store interactions. Location-based messages can be enhanced by offering smart content [such as surveys, coupons or video advertising] determined by on-site behaviours. Easily promote offers, events, or loyalty programs to new and existing customers.

What kind of data is generated?

Vantage provides a unified and real-time view to all your locations with a single, cloud-based dashboard. It accurately measures foot traffic to find out where visitors gather or spend most of their time on-site, and how they move within your locations.

With Vantage your quantitative data is readily assessable and can be segmented by location, gender and age.

I know about Vantage, what now?

If you have more questions or ready to implement this platform to your business, contact the Vantage team today at, or reach out to you local Valtech office

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