Arla Foods

Dairy production in Big Data

Arla Foods

The creation of a  new integrated global platform working as a personalized digital tool for dairy production

Arla Foods had a problem. Being a rather big global dairy company, it still communicated with its dairy producers on a country-specific basis. In the digital, networked and data-driven age, this would no longer do. 

Don’t cry over spilled milk

The systems that Arla was using were outdated and not extensive enough for the dairy producers’ needs. So these oldies needed to be replaced with a new integrated global platform. The requirements for this platform were a) it should enable dairy producers to access and submit quality reports and data calculations, and b) it should allow Arla to have a better overview of production quality while enriching the raw quantitative data. So off they went. To Valtech. 

Getting the cheese wheels turning

Valtech proposed an answer: an incredibly user-centric solution that incorporated the needs of both the dairy producers and Arla Foods. Because the updated system was developed with all possible users in mind, even the least tech-savvy dairy farmers could now access and use the data to make decisions proactively. On the other side of the data line, Arla now had access to a holistic and distinct data set. Especially the overview on their production quality increased drastically. 


Data ‘til the cows come home

The result? Data-adept farmers. Dairy producers in Sweden and Denmark now have a personal and intuitive ‘Dairy producer intelligence dashboard’. From here, they can navigate through more than 20 different quality reports providing insight into all aspects of their dairy production. By using a wide range of parameters, the reports allow the producers to compare and analyse, and see connections and tendencies over time. Concurrently, the system will warn the dairy producers if there is a decrease in their level of quality, so that they have time to react, and thus minimize the risk of lost earnings due to changes in output quality.

In short: big dairy data makes for a simple life.

About the Arla Foods
  • International dairy cooperative
  • Owned by 8.000 Danish and Swedish members
  • Seventh largest dairy company in the world