Delights to Go Food Automat

Delights to Go Food Automat



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With "Delights to Go" Lufthansa has developed a new service experience for passengers in a hurry. If you don't have the time before your upcoming flight for an extensive lounge visit, you can now use the Lufthansa “Delights to Go” "Grab- ‘n-Go" area near Gate G19 at the Munich airport.
The area offers a smart vending machine where you can choose from delicious snack menus you can easily take away and enjoy onboard during your flight or directly at the airport.
As a Lufthansa Group’s status guest or traveler in First- or Business Class at Lufthansa, SWISS or Austrian Airlines you are entitled to access the area. After authentication via your digital boarding pass, you can select your preferred snack on the interactive interface. Three gourmet menus are available for each of the different meals from the categories "Classic", "Balance" and "Local". The range consists of high-quality products and changes every two weeks. The selection of beverages also happens quickly and easily in the "Grab- ‘n-Go" area, where tea, coffee and soft drinks are available and can be practically integrated into the transport box.


"Delights to Go" is especially designed to give short-haul passengers maximum flexibility and autonomy. Instead of a longer stay in a restaurant or lounge, travelers can receive their breakfast, lunch or takeaway dinner nearby the gate in the shortest possible time without sacrificing a healthy and varied diet.

Valtech was responsible for the conception, design and implementation of the user interface from the food vending machine. Together with other vendors this was a building block to create the overall “Delights to Go” experience for Lufthansa Group’s costumers.


After the first design and conception of the food vending machine interface based on the necessary interaction steps and the Lufthansa design guidelines, a usable prototype was developed. This prototype was used to receive initial user feedback on the usability of the interface. Based on the test results with the prototype, the user interface was iteratively improved and eventually implemented. The user interface and service is continuously improved based on customer’s feedback. 



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