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The Need for Deeper Digital to physical connectivity

The Need for Deeper Digital to Physical Connectivity


At Valtech, Innovation is more than what we do, it’s who we are. And you can’t have a collection of innovative thinkers and designers without a strong focus on emerging and trending technology.  

Retail spaces are some of the areas most likely to experience great change in the upcoming years. The need to incorporate contactless surfaces as often as possible, the need to ensure social distancing, and even the need to build a connection with customers through offering experiences they can’t get anywhere else are all top-of-mind for brands. Each of those things is achievable through creating dynamic spaces.  

Imagine a store layout that changes before your eyes with a few simple inputs on a computer. Imagine physical stores that seamlessly blend online actions into offline experiences. Imagine a store that effortlessly combines enhanced reality, voice interface and remote experiences tech into one continual, revelatory shopping experience unlike any other. The limits to what your dynamic space can achieve are only those of your imagination.  

Dynamic spaces expand to encompass more than just retail environments too. Entertainment spaces, educational spaces and even healthcare providers can benefit from the wide variety of tech that comes together to create these offerings.  

Making use of the user profiles, preferences, wants and needs that follow consumers everywhere, enabled by seamlessly connected technologies that blend into the background, we’re creating the needed dynamic stores of the future and putting the customers at the centre of the story—in a lasting dialogue with a brand. 
- PJ Stephen, Dynamic Spaces Lead at Valtech

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Dynamic Spaces

Take a look at some of our POCs to get a better understanding of the innovative work we’ve done. 

Gaze tracking

Using only head movements, a user can browse different items, get detailed information, make selections, and even add them to a shopping cart for touchless purchase.


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Customer Profile via QR codes

Through QR codes, visitors of the MAC Innovation Labs in Queens Center can easily keep track of all their in-store experiences and personalize on the go.


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