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In today's dynamic business landscape, B2B companies face a compelling need for elevated customer experiences. In manufacturing, these experiences take many different forms. From omni-channel approaches in commerce to after-market services, meeting your customers’ evolving expectations takes knowledge and planning. Traditional practices no longer suffice.  


This shift in expectations, combined with technological advancements in a continuously changing world, underscores the urgency for B2B manufacturers to embrace a more composable business approach. Companies able to make this transition are better equipped to navigate market changes, build stronger customer relationships, and drive sustainable growth.  

Elevate customer experiences with Valtech GEAR  


Created in partnership with commercetools, Valtech GEAR is our adaptable B2B customer portal accelerator. This innovative solution empowers B2B manufacturers to enhance their digital service offerings. It covers everything from asset management, aftermarket and spare parts sales, and online assistance to field services, training catalogs and service discovery.  GEAR seamlessly integrates these services, ensuring a consistent customer journey. Offering an elevated experience for your customers, the accelerator meets and exceeds their digital shopping expectations.     


GEAR’s flexibility sets it apart. It allows for swift project launch with fundamental features, while providing the necessary scalability, extensibility, and customizability to meet your unique business requirements and differentiators. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Valtech GEAR enables B2B companies to leap past the competition by delivering top-tier customer experiences.  

Top five GEAR  features


As the experience innovation company, we strive to unlock a better way to experience the world. We’ve brought those goals to bear in GEAR through these five features: 



  1. Asset Management: GEAR provides your customers with a comprehensive view of your assets spread across various locations. It exposes equipment structures, bill of materials, operating and maintenance manuals and more.  


  2. After-Market Sales: Valtech GEAR tailors aftermarket product offerings based on your customers' specific asset purchases. Powered by commercetools, it seamlessly integrates customer-specific pricing, advanced inventory management, streamlined quote flows and buyer approvals.   


  3. Ticketing and Field Service: GEAR streamlines support contracts, allowing customers to easily access information about their service agreements. Users can swiftly submit tickets or schedule field services and maintenance for their assets, enhancing the customer service experience.   


  4. Complex Customer Organization Model: GEAR's hierarchical organization modeling simplifies this complexity, enabling customers to assign permissions within their own organization’s structure through a user-friendly self-service interface. Building on top of commercetools' B2B organization management features results in less time spent on user management and maintenance. 


  5. Security: GEAR prioritizes digital safety by implementing innovative security measures. This includes enforcing HTTPS, encrypting sensitive data, and integrating with multiple identity providers to support CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) and IAM (Identity and Access Management) scenarios. With rigorous secure development practices and ISO 27001 certifications of Valtech, GEAR is fortified against digital threats, offering peace of mind in a cyber-risk landscape.    

Did you know?  


GEAR has been approved by commercetools and is now available on their marketplace! Discover more about our partnership with commercetools here. 


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