Working Together

A Lasting Partnership

Welcome! We are Valtech, a global digital agency focused on digital transformation. Valtech has worked with Philips since 2014 and with countless other clients to help them transform everything from their digital presence, to internal platforms, to unique UX/UI and connected experiences.

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Philips and Valtech

On a Journey Together

By collaborating with over 10 Philips Business Units on 20+ experience-design projects since 2014, Valtech has a deep knowledge of both the Phillips business and the Health Industry. Furthermore, we are a Global Preferred Supplier of Creative & Digital Marketing Services for Philips and hold a Global Master Partnership Agreement.

Working Together

Why Healthcare Clients Trust Us

The work Valtech has done with brands across multiple industries in countries around the world capitalizes on our understanding of the needs not only of our clients but also of the end users who will get the most out of the systems we’re transforming.

It’s this focus on the end user, coupled with our deep knowledge of the best tools for any digital job, that makes partnering with Valtech such an appealing prospect for our clients. We have worked with clients in the healthcare field for years. As you can see below, some of the work we have done for Philips, over the years, have revolved around launching multiple campaigns for niche products and audiences. Our universally applicable commitment to the end user allowed us to help our other healthcare clients thrive. For example, we helped CAE Healthcare to perfect the UX on their new CAE Air1 Ventilator.

We also understand the various regulations placed on the industry. Our work on the NHS COVID-19 text messaging service couldn’t have been completed in 10 days without that understanding. We understand the needs of patients looking to use the systems we help build, and the different, but equally important, needs of the healthcare professionals using the platforms as well. Just like any good healthcare provider, we know that the journey to creating great products and systems begins with considering the needs of the people.

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