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Valtech welcomes Caleb Bryant, SVP Demand Generation

March 17, 2023

Attracted to Valtech’s ability to deliver innovative digital solutions, Caleb Bryant joins the global business transformation agency. Through a combination of marketing, business development and strategic partnerships, Caleb will help more companies discover the possibilities Valtech provides in the commerce and experience space.

Valtech, a global business transformation agency,  announced the appointment of Caleb Bryant as SVP, Demand Generation in North America. With over 15 years leading teams across business development, partnerships, and go-to-market strategies for WPP, Wunderman Thompson, and Gorilla Group, Caleb will lead efforts to better serve prospective clients as they navigate the many opportunities and complexities to transform their customer experience. 

Bryant joins a growing, agile organization

Bryant sees Valtech’s growth amidst evolving and challenging industry conditions as an important competitive edge. He explains,   

“I saw Valtech develop a unique approach in the market over recent years, leveraging established as well as emerging technologies to deliver innovative client experiences. Standing out from a crowded space among consultancies and agencies who often are beholden to a core offering with limited reach into complementary capabilities, Valtech has figured out how to help their clients to expertly navigate the digital experience across channels at scale, while also remaining agile in their approach. That’s what attracted me to joining the leadership team at Valtech”.

A mandate to build relationships with prospective clients and partners

Valtech’s work on fostering relationships, new and old, is a big part of the company’s DNA. From creating engaging content to hosting events to crafting successful go-to-market messages with trusted partners, Valtech connects clients with industry leaders to engage in relationships and activities that will support client needs. 

According to Shannon Ryan, EVP of North America, Caleb Bryant is joining Valtech to lead the regional vision for demand generation, building teams and best practices for driving and following up with leads and partners in alignment with the regional marketing team:

“Caleb Bryant’s experience developing businesses and leading growth initiatives is exceptional. Valtech is bringing in a talented leader in this domain to support our clients’ and partners’ needs”.

Speeding up time-to-value

With merchants’ pressing need for adaptation and speed, Caleb will help merchants to understand the breadth and depth of Valtech’s offering to connect them with the right solutions, leveraging the right technologies to meet their customer experience needs. 

“The biggest need that I see in the industry is to deploy the right experience at the right time to the right customer, at scale,” says Bryant. “Traditional delivery methodologies are slow and tiresome for brands, often limiting their ability to rollout best in class experiences for their customers.  Brands today need their partners to solve problems faster than ever before with leading technologies, leading creative, all while scaling globally as client demand increases.  I am excited to help Valtech bring awareness to their superpower: delivering innovative solutions at the speed of boutique and at the scale of the global consultancy”.

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