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Optimizely names Valtech North American Experimentation Partner of the Year

March 22, 2024

With our focus on innovation and experience elevation, Valtech has always been a company dedicated to experimentation as a pathway to success. We’re proud to announce that our passion for experimentation has earned us Optimizely’s Experimentation Partner of the Year Award!

Data-driven experimentation is at the heart of all we do. It forms the foundation of our partnership with Optimizely. From countless client implementations to the creation of the first Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Optimizely connector, we've showcased our extensive understanding of Optimizely's capabilities. But this recent accolade signifies more than just our technical prowess. It's a testament to our shared commitment with Optimizely towards making experimentation a value driver, and a fundamental practice for organizations seeking to make informed decisions backed by data. Beyond that, this recognition shows that our long-standing partner recognizes our shared dedication to experimentation as a practice.

A significant achievement

Being named the "Optimizely Experimentation Partner of the Year" signifies recognition. Our thought leadership work in experimentation encompasses everything from contributions to the Digital Experimentation Playbook, to our dedication to platforming leaders in the experimentation space in our podcasts. As a leading experimentation platform, Optimizely knows exceptional achievements and contributions in the realm of experimentation when they see them.

Here's what it typically means to be awarded this title:

  • Exceptional Use of Optimizely: The recipient has demonstrated outstanding utilization of Optimizely's experimentation platform (which involves Web & Feature Experimentation, the Personalization suite, and the Optimizely Data Platform) to drive meaningful results and improvements within their organization or for their clients.

  • Innovative Experimentation Strategies: They have developed and implemented innovative experimentation strategies using Optimizely's tools, leading to significant enhancements in areas such as user experience, conversion rates, revenue, or other key performance indicators.

  • Proven Results: The experimentation partner has achieved measurable and impactful results through their experimentation efforts, showcasing the effectiveness of their strategies and the power of the Optimizely platform.

  • Collaboration with Optimizely: They have established a collaborative relationship with Optimizely, actively engaging with the platform's resources, support, and expertise to maximize the value of experimentation initiatives.

  • Thought Leadership and Best Practices: The recipient may have contributed thought leadership content, case studies, or best practices to the Optimizely community, sharing insights and knowledge gained from their experimentation journey.

  • Commitment to Continuous Improvement: They exhibit a commitment to continuous improvement and optimization, leveraging Optimizely's capabilities to iterate on experiments and drive ongoing enhancements to digital experiences.

Overall, being named the Optimizely Experimentation Partner of the Year is a prestigious recognition of excellence and leadership in leveraging Optimizely's platform to drive experimentation, innovation and business growth. It signifies that the recipient has not only achieved impressive results but has also demonstrated a deep understanding of experimentation principles and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in optimizing digital experiences.

We look forward to continuing to leverage our experimentation success for our clients as well as the ongoing growth of our partnership with Optimizely. If you want to learn more about what Valtech can do for your business, contact our Data and Analytics team now for a consultation:

Holly Quilter
Senior Analyst within Data & Analytics, Valtech, NA

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