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Valtech appoints European Director of Media Solutions

July 13, 2016

With the demands of today’s media consumer, the television and media industry is challenged like never before. With the appointment of Martin Eiler as the new European Director of Media Solutions, Valtech brings a new perspective to these challenges. “Valtech is a global digital agency with a clear message: We are independent of any software products. We provide digital services and advisory across the entire value chain with a mission to challenge the OTT-business beyond merely technology.

Martin Eiler has more than 10 years of commercial and technical experience within the digital and media industry and brings with him in-depth expertise in the streaming and OTT-business. OTT (Over The Top) is the collective term for the supply and consumption of film, video and television on all digital devices independent of time and place, as a replacement for traditional flow TV from cable.

Being dependent is costly

“I joined Valtech because the challenges the media industry is facing, can’t be solved by technology providers alone. Valtech’s ambition to disrupt the existing landscape of partners and providers within an already disrupted media industry is appealing and relevant. It’s like with many other digital industries some 5-6 years ago - the market is maturing beyond what can be done with software alone. As a digital agency, Valtech can provide the business, creative and technical expertise independent of any software product. This is exactly what many media companies struggle with these days: They find themselves bound by the proprietary software their current suppliers have developed, which poses risks with regards to both scalability, stability, time-to-market and not least TCO (Total Cost of Ownership),” Martin Eiler states.

Streaming should be streamlined

In 2014, Valtech acquired Neon Stingray, a strong player in the media field, whose expertise has now been rolled out globally, complementing Valtech’s already yearlong expertise within the digital business. The aim is clear: To provide digital and highly qualified advisory and services to the media industry focusing on business needs rather than software products and restrains. A shift that requires new strategies. ”Valtech is global partner with some of the world’s leading players within the media industry, such as thePlatform, Adobe and You.i, but has no need for selling one product before the other. In this way, we’ve already designed and developed OTT-services for some of the world’s leading media corporations,” Martin Eiler continues.

Solving the complex disruption puzzle

“Everyone talks about disruption. However, who provides independent digital consultancy in this industry dominated by technology providers? Because: it’s not just the users demanding big screen and TV everywhere. It’s the whole puzzle: the requirements with regards to e.g. DRM (Digital Rights Management). The scalability. The stability. Right now, this often looks like a patchwork of components and software products. Colourful, but risky. We can streamline the user experience across the entire customer journey, create sustainable business models and provide strong and reliable technical solutions, bringing down costs and time-to-market,” the new director concludes.

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