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Valtech partners with Specsavers to optimize its customer-facing technology

April 04, 2023

Global business transformation company Valtech will strengthen the retailers’ capabilities to deliver upon its customers' needs as they evolve

London, April 2023 - Valtech, the global business transformation company, today announced the addition of leading optical retailer Specsavers to its growing international client base.

Having previously supported Specsavers in Northern Europe, Valtech and Specsavers have expanded their partnership globally to continue their mission to digitally transform its business. As a trusted consultant for Specsavers, Valtech will work with them to optimise their approach to digitisation by not only helping the retailer integrate the right technology for its business needs, but also refine its ways of working and technology operations across its different regions.

A key part of the partnership will focus on identifying where speed and efficiency improvements can be made within its tech stack and advising how technology can be used to advance Specsavers’ goal of ensuring an exceptional customer experience. Additionally, Specsavers will tap into Valtech’s global delivery team to ensure it has the right people with the right skillset to drive crucial aspects of its digital transformation journey. By enhancing its team and ways of working, the partnership will strengthen the retailers’ capabilities to deliver upon its customers' needs as they evolve.

Notably, the partnership will focus on improving information simplicity, so customers can access information across its digital channels to identify eye and ear health conditions more easily.

Lauren Kluckow, Client Partner at Valtech said: “Across today’s competitive retail landscape, it’s crucial for brands to provide a seamless and engaging experience to help attract new customers, as well as maintain the loyalty of existing ones. Our partnership will deploy a tech strategy that is built for the future. As a result, Specsavers can deliver a stronger, more simplified, and meaningful customer experience to change the lives of their customers through better sight and hearing. We’re excited to collaborate with the Specsavers team again for the next stage of its digital journey”

James Skinner, Director of Digital Technology at Specsavers said: “At Specsavers, we’re committed to fulfilling our customers’ expectations across their in-store and online buying journeys. Composable technologies help us make these journeys frictionless and ensure we consistently deliver the best experience for our customers. We can meet the requirements for a particular channel or purpose by bringing together different digital abilities within one digital solution. This is where Valtech’s expertise and involvement in the MACH Alliance* makes them the ideal partner to help us achieve our customer-orientated digital transformation mission.”

Specsavers will tap into Valtech’s involvement in the MACH Alliance, its partnerships with Contentful and Algolia, and its expertise in integrating composable technologies. Bringing these individual tools together into one composable solution will allow Specsavers to innovate its content, data and search tools at different rates and independently of one another.

The first phase of Specsavers’ digital transformation programme will focus on optimising the process of updating the eye and ear health content on its website, a major source of traffic and entry point into the crucial appointment booking flow and ensuring customers can easily access the information required across its digital channels. This will allow Specsavers to deliver targeted and higher quality content at speed on its website, apps, kiosks and beyond. The first phase is expected to be completed by March 2023.

Dina Apostolou, VP Marketing at Contentful, the leading content platform for digital-first business said: “Any opportunity to cut through the vast amount of noise in the market and make content more accessible for customers should be celebrated. We can’t wait to see the work that Valtech and Specsavers will deliver together to improve information simplicity. We're proud that the Contentful® Composable Content Platform will play a part in advancing Specsavers’ customer experience."

In the long term, Valtech will serve as a trusted partner and consultant for Specsavers’ ongoing digital transformation efforts. It will continue to provide iterative support and guidance throughout its digital transformation journey. Together, Valtech and Specsavers will work closely to meet the retailer’s long-standing goal of providing the best possible experience for its customers.

*[Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless]

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