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Valtech welcomes Sheree Atcheson as Global Director of Diversity & Inclusion

June 30, 2021

With the ambition to help create long-term change within and beyond Valtech, Sheree Atcheson is welcomed as Global Director of Diversity & Inclusion.

Sheree AtchesonValtech has welcomed Sheree Atcheson, a highly recognized international expert in the field of diversity and inclusion. Sheree is brought on board to help further Valtech’s continuous priority of creating and improving the sense of belonging and inclusion across all of Valtech’s employees and offices.

“We are excited to have a capacity like Sheree join our team. We belong to an industry in dire need of improvement when it comes to diversity and inclusion, and we believe having her knowledge and expertise on board is a positive step in the right direction to creating long-term change at Valtech.” Says Olivier Padiou, Group COO at Valtech, and hopes their efforts will help inspire others as well:

“We continually strive to lead by example, which is why we’ll be openly sharing about our journey in this space. We’ll be listening to and understanding what it means for employees of all backgrounds to succeed and thrive – that is our number one priority. We hope that this will inspire other companies to push for a fairer, more inclusive industry.”

An influential woman in the tech industry

Having worked with the world’s largest global non-profit dedicated to women in tech, Women Who Code, since 2013 and announced as one of U.K.’s most influential women in the tech industry, winning several awards for her strategy work on diversity, equity, and inclusion, Sheree joins Valtech with a commitment to push the boundaries within the industry, she says:

“I’m very excited to join, leading this work and being part of the journey that Valtech is on. The industry and its opportunities were not made with everyone in mind. For years, the industry has been stuck in a realization phase, and that simply isn’t good enough. We cannot hope for better, as hope does not create systemic change. Valtech’s openness and degree of recognition of this journey is exactly what attracted me in the first place.”

Having already embraced Valtech’s core values, Sheree explains how they will guide the ongoing efforts towards a workplace demographic that reflects the society it serves:

“We will live out our values Share, Dare and Care by sharing our insights and lessons learned along the way."

“We will live out our values Share, Dare and Care by sharing our insights and lessons learned along the way. We will dare to push boundaries in how we prioritise inclusion and we will continue to prioritise and care for all of our employees at Valtech. I’m sure we will create positive, long-term change across the company's departments and country offices and push the boundaries in the industry.”

With Sheree directing Valtech’s efforts to continuously create improvements in terms of diversity and inclusion, a clear set of goals for 2025 is now underway and more insights from this journey will be shared.

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