Valtech acquires Tome Software to expand its innovative services in the mobility industry

January 04, 2023

Perfectly aligned cultures, combined expertise, and an international presence provides the mobility market with an end-to-end transformation partner focused on customer experience and improved safety with equity and inclusion advancements across the industry.

NEW YORK, Jan. 4, 2023 – Valtech welcomes Tome Software to help companies and societies provide safe and exceptional experiences in mobility. Complementing Valtech’s expertise in innovative business strategies and in-car experiences, Tome Software brings people together in an increasingly mobile landscape, applying advanced technologies that drive equity and inclusion in mobility. Bringing these capabilities together provides the industry with a partner that can transform customer experiences and bridge the gap between in-car experiences and the need to improve mobility safety.

A combined sense of purpose and a shared commitment to industry innovation was the driving force behind this acquisition; supporting the global communities that will benefit from improved experience and safety innovations across mobility. Valtech’s in-house expertise and track record of transformation within the automotive market, particularly across Europe and Asia, combined with Tome’s strong presence in the North American mobility and automotive industries will foster change in customer expectations, how we interact with the automotive industry, and will support further development of smart cities.  

Approaches to mobility are changing. Our shared mission to serve this market, including the larger societal benefits of these advancements, is why we are welcoming Tome into the Valtech family. Whilst experience is always at the heart of our mobility strategies, by welcoming Tome we are enabling the industry to become even more connected and to better serve communities at large with exciting advancements in safety and inter-mobility solutions. To enable our clients to adapt to continued changes in human behavior and to achieve better sustainability, it’s critical that we take the next step.

- Olivier Padiou, CEO, Valtech.   

Valtech’s work in the automotive industry and its leaders is extensive and includes the development of in car connected services for Toyota, a new buying experience for BMW, new digital retail modules for AUDI and a long-term joint venture and partnership with the Volkswagen Group. Tome’s reputation in the industry places them at the forefront of equity and inclusion in automotive mobility, highlighted by their involvement with many mobility communities such as the Vulnerable Road Users Safety Consortium™,  a Program of SAE ITC ® and Tome’s Automotive AOSP focus, a growing operating system for in-vehicle infotainment.  

Thanks to this acquisition, we’re now able to scale our mission to enhance equity and inclusion in the mobility and automotive industries. Our customers will benefit greatly from Valtech’s extensive experience expertise, which will help us continue to customize our solutions for clients and their specific needs in mobility. 

- Jake Sigal, Co-founder & CEO, Tome.

 “Together, we’re making roads safer and reducing the cost of deploying mobility services on the road, delivering sophisticated innovations to benefit manufacturers, drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike to bring smarter, safer mobility to our streets. Joining Valtech extends our reach into our core communities and beyond, thinking of our people and the members of the automotive and mobility communities as one, thinking beyond the car and connecting them to society at large.  

- Massimo Baldini, Co-founder & President, Tome. 

To learn more about Valtech’s work and services in Mobility, please visit the dedicated space for Mobility.  



From their headquarters in metro Detroit, Tome lives to take on the world’s most-intriguing technology puzzles. Led by serial entrepreneurs Jake Sigal and Massimo Baldini, Tome operates in the Internet of Things tech space, specializing in the development of mobility IoT software solutions. Tome manages the end-to-end product lifecycle to conceive, craft, pilot and launch solutions to real-world problems. Hailed as TechWeek Detroit’s 2017 Startup of the Year, Tome stocks its team with the right people and always gives them the best tools for the job. Tome was advised by Varnum and Idea Tree Advisory throughout this acquisition. 

Find out more about Tome Software here. 


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