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Valtech Wins New Global Pharmaceutical Giant

September 02, 2013

Valtech was the natural first choice when the pharmaceutical company Novartis was looking for a global partner to develop their digital solutions. It was the unique global position of Valtech Denmark in the field of digital pharmaceuticals that made the difference.

Novartis was aiming to find a digital partner with a global perspective, an in-depth knowledge in the field of pharmaceuticals and a second to none ability to deliver final solutions of high technological and creative standards.

With Valtech, they found what they were looking for.

“Throughout the years we have acquired a solid expertise in digital solutions within the complex field of pharmaceuticals. The combination of our knowledge, creativity and technological skills makes us a unique global digital partner,” says Mari-Ann Herloff Mortensen, Director, Sales & Market.

Valtech Denmark has specialized in software solutions for the pharmaceutical industry through 13 years of solid digital partnership with Novo Nordisk and other global pharmaceutical companies like Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Coloplast, LEO Pharma and NNE Pharmaplan.

The task with Novartis is to develop a wide range of digital solutions based on Optimizely CMS. The challenge is, among others, to present Novartis products differently in each country in order to meet the local laws and legislations.

“This is one of the major challenges in the pharmaceutical industry. However, Valtech has world class senior advisors. They have faced and conquered these challenges before,” says Mari-Ann Herloff Mortensen.

Novartis has developed and produced a wide range of pharmaceutical products. Nicotinell, which helps people quit smoking, and the nasal spray Otrivin, are among the best known.

Recently, Valtech Denmark has developed an app for Novartis for patients with newly diagnosed multiple sclerosis. The app serves as an educational tool teaching these patients about the disease and giving advice on how to live a good life with multiple sclerosis.

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