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Empower your commerce with order management system integration

Making sure your customers have options when placing an order is one of the most important factors in today’s commerce landscape. Varying delivery speeds were once the gold standard in order placing options. Today, customers not only expect to place an order and receive their goods quickly, but they also expect a choice between direct delivery and Deliver to Store options, curb-side delivery, Buy online Pickup in Store and many other options. A strong order management system is necessary to provide your customers the options they expect when shopping online.  


Salesforce Order Management is a customer-centric OMS that makes it easier for companies to meet the varied expectations of customers. The order fulfillment system from Salesforce helps customers with everything from Inventory Management to order lifecycle management, from Buy online Pickup in Store and Curbside support to Multi-currency Support for easy international shopping and delivery. To ensure you can get the best the Salesforce OMS has to offer, partner with Valtech, a company with proven Salesforce success, for your integration projects.  


One source of truth for marketing, sales and logistics  

Companies that make use of the Salesforce Customer360 platform gain the benefits of working on a platform that meets the needs of both the customers and the company throughout all stages of the customer-buying journey. Salesforce creates a single source of truth for companies by capturing important customer data with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, helping you make use of that data in sales through Commerce Cloud, and tracking all aspects of fulfillment through Order Management.  

Through this Order Management Platform, you can: 

  • Automate activities like order fulfillment, invoicing and payment capture, and even returns 

  • Handle complex order management processes such as Distributed Order Management 

  • Easily customize and design the user interface 

  • Centralize order data 

  • Accurately view available inventory across all fulfillment channels and locations 

  • Take advantage of multiple shipping/delivery options 

  • Empower your customer service agents with immediate visibility to perform actions like updating, cancelling or refunding orders directly from the service console 

  • Deliver great customer service experience from one platform 


AI powers communication on WISMO Issues 

Salesforce Order Management is about more than just streamlining logistics. The Salesforce OMS provides full support at every step of the order fulfillment process. This includes customer service once the order is placed. With nearly 80% of customer inquiries being related to Where Is My Order (WISMO) requests, being able to track orders and offer immediate information to customers is crucial.  

Salesforce OMS prepares businesses to respond to WISMO requests in several different ways. To being with, the ability to accurately view inventory levels across all fulfillment channels means you’ll have a clear understanding of stock levels and availability to provide accurate shipping times to customers at the time their order is placed.  

Additionally, while WISMO requests tend to be generic, the responses to such requests are highly important markers of customer loyalty, Salesforce’s generative AI additions mean you can build stronger relationships with your customers with very little effort. WISMO requests being handled quickly and accurately helps customers feel that their concerns are being taken seriously. Salesforce Order Management being built into Service Cloud means you’ll be able to free up customer service employees to respond to higher level concerns while chatbots powered by Einstein GPT do the work of providing an elevated customer service experience.  


Elevating customer experience through distributed order management 

The Salesforce OMS unlocks order fulfillment from anywhere through a system of omnichannel inventory and distributed order management. Salesforce inventory management software gives businesses a single source of truth for accurate, location-level inventory across all fulfillment channels. From one screen, you’ll be able to see how much inventory you have on hand at brick-and-mortar stores, warehouses and fulfillment centers anywhere in the world.  

With accurate inventory numbers, companies are better able to take advantage of varying order fulfillment and delivery methods. Through distributed order management, you’ll be able to determine the best shipping option based on product location and order destination, opening the door to saving both the company and the customer money through faster and more sustainable shipping/delivery options. Ship ordered products from the store nearest the customer or ship the order to the store nearest to the customer, creating another opportunity to strengthen that relationship and build loyalty. All of these options and more are available through the same dashboard and within the same system as the rest of the Salesforce Core Platform.  


Valtech’s salesforce order management implementation guide  

As a Salesforce Summit Partner, Valtech is the best option for a smooth implementation of any Salesforce product. We’ve worked with companies across different industries all around the world in creating customer-first experiences that help companies thrive in today’s digital commerce landscape.  

By choosing Valtech as your strategic partner for your Salesforce Order Management integration project, you will: 

  • Offer your consumers a unique, smooth, consumer-oriented order fulfillment process. 

  • Deliver real value to your customers through effective use of artificial intelligence (AI). 

  • Keep all related customer data in one easy to navigate location. 

  • Integrate with other Salesforce products such as Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and Community Cloud to provide complete capabilities for managing the customer journey. 

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