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Discover the impact of the VTEX & Valtech partnership

VTEX and Valtech join forces to empower the transformation of companies around the world with a platform that unifies consumer experiences across all sales channels. As members of the MACH alliance, together we deliver composable architectures that enable our clients to be agile and flexible when achieving their goals. We help them unlock a better way to experience the world.

At the intersection of commerce experience and innovation 

Our partnership spans over 10 years and over 100 ecommerce projects, supported by borderless teams in over 23 countries. Valtech and VTEX are exceptionally qualified to help you leap ahead of the competition.

We design, build and support innovative ecommerce solutions for global brands, enterprise-level retailers, and companies aspiring to get started in experience elevation.

Valtech’s unique expertise is the perfect complement to your VTEX migration project. We can use VTEX to build a greater CX, beyond mobile and web, integrating all touchpoints. We combine the uncommon, working with many platforms and commerce solutions to be able to integrate VTEX into future-proof MACH ecosystems.

Valtech develops frictionless omnichannel experiences allowing you to unify your sales channels with the implementation of the VTEX platform, facilitating management and allowing you to experience the true potential of your business. From inventory to orders, to merchandising strategies, you have everything you need to unlock unified and improved decision-making.

Valtech awarded MVP Player in the VTEX Quadrant

Competing with over 100 agencies across the region, Valtech was awarded the highest possible award in the VTEX Quadrant, the MVP Player status award. The quadrant recognizes the performance of Partners associated with the VTEX ecosystem, evaluating technical, omnichannel and commercial capabilities along with knowledge of technology, architecture, execution efficiency and project delivery. We are recognized for having global expertise in implementing VTEX platform for all business models, including B2B, B2C, MLM and Marketplaces. Valtech is a Composable Commerce Expert and develops projects with the latest VTEX composable technology, such as Fast Store, a Headless Front-End Framework.

This recognition reinforces Valtech as one of the best agencies in LATAM, but above all, it represents the certainty that every day we provide our clients with a service focused on breaking through and exceeding industry standards and consumer expectations.

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