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Could it be the case that the more senior leadership are involved, the less people experiment….? Could there a misconception that the highest paid person’s opinion counts the most…..? And does that in turn mean that to really feel free to experiment, we need to totally rethink our approach to it?

In this podcast, we're joined by Hazjier Pourkhalkhali, Global Vice President Strategy & Value at Optimizely. In his 8 years at Optimizely, Hazjier has conducted more than 300 experiments and has led research into the effects of hierarchy, the science of running the perfect experiment, and ultimately the behaviours that truly trigger change.

Ready to get started with experimentation? Consider downloading the Digital Experimentation Playbook.

Google is sunsetting Google Optimize ...

Find out what that means for your business, and the best alternative to ensure you keep prioritizing experimentation in your organization in this interview.

Hazjier Pourkhalkhali

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