Transformation Consulting

Achieving business transformation doesn’t just require a mindset shift, it requires the evolution of almost every element of your organization.

Transformation Consulting

What it means to Transform

From embedding new ways of thinking, to enlisting fresh approaches to technology, leadership, business models, employees and customers. At its core, it’s the ability to predict, recognize and respond to the changes that will impact your business in the long run. 


To accelerate we launched the Valtech Future Studio.

Enter the Future Studio!

Our transformation consultants have deep domain expertise. Many of them have worked in the industry they are advising for. They know their stuff. But they’re also doers that want to make an impact.


/ Future Shaping:  How can we reimagine our business in the digital age?


/ What should our  target operating model be? And what does this mean in terms of organizational and cultural changes?  


/ Agile Transformation. How can we be faster than our competition and provide better value to our customers?


/ Tech Strategy: How can we transform our infrastructure, architecture and partner ecosystem to become an incubator for business ideas?


/ Digital Marketing & Commerce Strategy: How can we expand our reach and stimulate our growth?


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Business Design

Business Design

(Re)shape the business

/ Digital Business Strategy Development

/ Business Planning & Modelling

/ Venture Building

/ Brand Development

Product & Service Innovation 

Product & Service Innovation 

Forge new products & services 

/ New Product & Service Design

/ Products & Services Enhancement

/ Innovation Lab

People & Organisational Transformation

People & Organisational Transformation

Inspire cultural change  

/ Business Agility

/ Human-centred Design Adoption

/ Change Management & Deep Collaboration

Tech Strategy

Tech Strategy

Set the foundations for technology-enabled growth

/ System Architecture

/ Data Architecture & Foundation

/ Software Architecture & Selection

Marketing & Commerce Transformation

Marketing & Commerce Transformation

Improve ROMI and omnichannel commerce experience

/ Commerce Strategy & Execution

/ Martech Strategy

/ Optimization Planning

Valtech Future Studio

Valtech Future Studio

Don't just predict the future, build it.

Valtech Future Studio continuously invests in research and development to help you build your desired future. Our research focuses on disruptive technology trends – bringing them to your attention with the insights needed to transform your business.


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