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A Personalized Commerce Experience

To adapt faster to a continually evolving e-commerce landscape Eurail is focusing on a future-proof online presence.



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Get to Know

About is a Dutch e-commerce company that sells rail passes for travel in one, more or all countries in Europe for a specific time period. Its two product lines are Interrail passes for people living in Europe and Eurail passes for travellers from outside Europe. The company was formed in 2006 and is owned by over 35 European railway and shipping companies. In 2017, they sold more than 156,600 Interrail passes and 136,200 Eurail passes.

A Personalised Omni-channel Experience

Over a series of sprint project phases, Eurail and Valtech developed a personalised omni-channel commerce experience. The first step involved creating an order process that turns the purchase of a train pass into a PDF that is then sent automatically to ModusLink,’s fulfilment partner. ModusLink then prints the ticket on special security paper and posts it to the customer. 

" represents the kind of innovative online travel company that embraces new technology. Their new commerce platform goes far beyond desktop and offers a range of new digital sales channels. It is a very nice project to be part of—an organisation that has thought in detail about how it can provide its customers with a digital journey.”
Steven Fockema Andreae, Business Development Benelux, UK en Nordics commercetools

Headless Commerce

Enough flexibility

Commercetools is a headless e-commerce solution that integrates seamlessly with Adobe Experience Cloud to increase company flexibility. Valtech focuses mainly on the backend, which runs on Commercetool’s cloud-based microservices and API-first platform. Commercetools provides the basis for the complete e-commerce application, but individual parts such as PIM or Order Management, can be replaced by other products or a microservice. The platform’s open architecture also means it integrates well with ERP, Warehouse Management or CRM systems, for example.

With Agile to the End Station

A challenging project

Both Valtech and have worked agilely for some time, which has helped make the collaborative process smooth from the outset. The project involves multiple parties, locations and nationalities, and while this sounds like a challenge, in practice the combination works very well. We haven’t reached our destination yet, but we have taken the first step on the road to it.

Generating Business Value

“Commercetools and Adobe Experience Manager give us the flexibility to respond quickly to changing customer needs. Valtech has helped us really well with the design of the backend. Thanks to this implementation, we can continuously optimise our sales funnel and further improve the customer experience.”
- Roel Verhagen, Head of Commerce

“The collaboration between, commercetools and Adobe proves the power microservices offer for commerce. The speed with which we can generate business value together is unique.”
- Auke van Urk, global CTO Valtech

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