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Named one of the 12 hottest adtech companies of 2022, LiveIntent, is one of the world’s largest people-based marketing platforms, connecting 2,500 publishing and advertising brands with over 250 million verified people every month across all types of media.  

Monetize, acquire, and retain real people, even where cookies don’t work


In the transition to a cookieless world, companies are being forced to rethink the ways that they can get closer to their customers. With the anonymized email address at the center of its industry-leading identity graph, LiveIntent provides brands with solutions that help them monetize, acquire and retain real people, even where cookies don’t work. 

With a great product and a clear gap in the market, the challenge for LiveIntent soon became an issue of scale and acceleration; being able to upgrade existing tech and to expand their internal teams with the skills and capabilities that would enable them to support an enthusiastic and growing customer base. 

This ambition to deliver a better experience for their customers triggered a review and revamp of the existing LiveIntent main portal with a refreshed UX and more performant UI, alongside a broader technology transformation with a decoupled architecture and a new QA automation strategy to support that transformation.  

Liveintent 2.png Liveintent 3.png

To make it happen, they needed to quickly scale up a team of talented engineers that could work in tight collaboration with the LiveIntent teams and remain as part of the core development team throughout the platform revamp. 

Quickly adapting to the client’s way of working, methodologies, standards and tools, together we were able to deliver stability and scale when they needed it most. That, in turn, enabled LiveIntent to keep that sharp focus on the customer experience, and enable them to concentrate on accelerating their business. 

Scalable Impact


Since our initial partnership nine years ago, we’ve been able to provide engineers to work alongside Liveintent's team, creating the collaborative team they had envisioned at the outset of the project. With this combined team we’ve been able to build out the LiveIntent portal; the primary user interface for interacting with LiveIntent’s services.    

This great new portal enables users to manage resources, view analytics and perform tailored workflows, all from a central platform. We’ve also supported customers with new email, newsletter and publishing functionality and technology as well as providing them with all of the tools and data they need to continue to make decisions that drive results. 

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