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Improving Customer Experience

Valtech’s assignment from Täby Municipality was to create a modern, responsive website using the latest version of Episerver CMS. The project included digital support for Täby Municipality’s new Contact Centre and a single stop for self-service, plus new website functionality like maps to help users find their way around, along with information and documents concerning planned and ongoing urban development projects in Täby.

Code and Content at the Same Time

The collaboration made for a new way of thinking in terms of working methods, and changed our view of coding and content development in parallel.

The editors at Täby Municipality were able to start adding content to the new website while Valtech was writing the code for the new platform in Episerver 10.

We delivered simple, unfinished pages at an early stage that the municipality’s two editors immediately started adding content to. They saw everything being built up as the site was being coded. New functionality fell into place every day.

The integrated approach made for both speed, higher-quality code and a high-quality end product. The municipality and Valtech used a Scrum-based approach, developing the website step-by-step in three-week iterations.

We were able to modify and fine-tune the code as we went along in order to work in the content.

The new website is optimised for mobile phones and tablets. This is important because half of all the visitors to now navigate to the site using their mobile phones. Working in a joint project team, Täby Municipality developed the new website in close collaboration with the consulting firm Valtech.

Our close cooperation with the supplier – we worked at their offices several days a week – enabled us to build a really good, modern municipal website in fewer than six months, and without the delays and problems that usually pop up along the way.

Andreas Nordling, Täby Municipality’s web strategist.

Post-launch, the new website has 25% more visitors than the old one at the same time last year.

About Täby Municipality’s New Website

The new mobile-friendly website,, was launched on September 5 2017. Täby residents can now file fault reports, ask questions and engage in dialogue with the municipality directly on the web. Täby Municipality has also received a new system in which employees can accept and monitor incoming administrative cases. It has also become easier for those interested to monitor planned and ongoing urban development projects in Täby on the new website.

The purpose of the new website is to make things easier for Täby residents in their everyday lives
Andreas Nordling, Täby Municipality’s web strategist.

Half of all the visitors to now navigate to the site using their mobile phones, which is why the site has been optimised for smaller screen sizes and tablets. The website is based on the Episerver 10 platform, and the entire website was developed in close collaboration with the project team at Valtech.

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