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Get to know Vestas


With 125 years of experience, Vestas is a global leader in the development and the deployment of sustainable energy solutions. The company, headquartered in Denmark, offers a comprehensive range of wind energy products and services, encompassing turbine design, fabrication, deployment and upkeep.

With a global presence and a steadfast commitment to sustainable energy, Vestas is propelling the world’s transition toward clean and renewable energy sources. In 2022, Vestas was named the world's most sustainable company.

Get to know Vestas

Meeting Vestas' digital transformation challenge


As part of its journey toward becoming the energy industry’s global partner in sustainable energy, Vestas sought a digital transformation to strengthen its customer focus, scalability and profitability.

Vestas chose Valtech as a key collaborator in the company’s mission to improve its digital business development and implementation within customer-facing digital solutions.

This collaboration has helped Vestas improve customer experiences across different touchpoints, boost ecommerce revenue and improve integrated service offerings in multiple channels.

At the same time, Vestas has strengthened its internal digital capabilities and is scaling up to fuel its growth ambitions.

Futureproofing Vestas’ experience platform and productivity

Working closely with the Vestas Global Marketing team, the collaboration originally began with a redeveloped site and a fundamental shift in content management.

After assessing CMS platforms, Valtech recommended Adobe Experience Manager in Cloud. As an Adobe Platinum Solution Partner with nearly two decades of experience, Valtech deployed strategists, analysts, designers and developers to create a completely revamped That work included a new digital design system in Figma, new analytics implementation, complete content migration, roll out and training.

Since the CMS migration, subsequent projects have included personalization pilots, A/B testing and exploring a digital account based marketing platform.


The CMS project was completed in just under five months, with impressive outcomes:

  • The new CMS boasts a productivity score of 4.5 out of 5, showcasing notable improvements across key performance indicators.

  • We have reduced workflow design time by 65%.

  • Asset location time has decreased by 67%.

  • Our efforts have strengthened user retention, bringing back 24,024 returning


  • We decreased average page load time from 11.17 seconds to 3.58 seconds.

  • The bounce rate has fallen by 11%.

Valtech’s deep expertise in the Adobe AEM CMS platform and our approach of everaging out-of-the-box functionality and customizing only where relevant, has resulted in a fast time to market and lower costs when bringing the new to life.
We have been very pleased with the collaboration and Valtech’s ability to meet our demands — big and small. Valtech have helped mature our digital marketing capabilities and leverage efficiencies as well as exploring new digital concepts and pilots together.

- Laurence Paquette, Vice President & Head of Marketing, Vestas

Get to know Vestas

Scaling Salesforce Commerce Cloud for future growth

Based on the success of our intitial collaboration, Vestas and Valtech extended their collaboration to include enhancing Vestas' design and ecommerce capabilities.

We have worked with the Vestas Digital Customer Channels & Experience team to develop a comprehensive ecommerce business plan. The plan includes a business strategy, adoption plan and overarching roadmap.

Valtech is also heading up the continuous improvement of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform. Those improvements have included upgrading to the latest Lightning version, enhancing aspects of CX/UX/UI, code quality, infrastructure elements, QA processes and release procedures.

Alongside Vestas, we helpled build a distributed, cross-functional team of senior B2B Salesforce developers in Montreal and UX/CX/BA professionals in Vestas’ hometown of Aarhus.


The ecommerce work between Vestas and Valtech has already yielded several positive outcomes:

  • A successful upgrade to Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud Lightning.

  • Improved CI/CD pipeline, QA and release processes.

  • Improved stability, allowing the company to focus on new features and greater business impacts.

  • A successful, product-led collaboration that has pioneered a new operational model for the entire Digital Organization.

  • Digital channel revenue growth of more than 40%.

Working with Valtech has proven to be an excellent choice. With the assistance of Valtech for our ecommerce solution, we’ve witnessed remarkable growth in online revenue, a boost in productivity, and the continuous evolution of our digital capabilities.
Valtech's expertise, dedication, and innovative solutions have not only propelled us forward but have also stabilized our ecommerce platform and put us in a much better place compared to a few years back.
As we continue to chart the path forward together, we're confident that our collaboration will not only help drive short-term growth but also help pave the way for a data-driven, product-led approach to enhance and differentiate the ecommerce and customer experience in the years to come.

- Lars Elkjær Andersen, Vice President, Digital Customer Channels & Experience, Vestas

Charting the path forward


Valtech will continue to assist Vestas in multiple areas, including strategy, CX/UX/UI, product management, Adobe CMS, Experience Cloud and Salesforce Commerce Cloud Lightning.

As Vestas’ primary collaborator in customer-facing digitalization, our goal is to support the company’s growth and expansion. We leverage our senior expertise to accelerate short-term growth, share valuable knowledge and empower the development of internal capabilities, all while facilitating sustained digital growth and successful deliveries in the long run.

We will focus our future efforts on collaborating with Vestas to refine the product vision, emphasizing a data-driven approach to strategy, customer engagement and ecommerce.

Together, we will employ a product-led approach to enhance and differentiate the ecommerce and customer experience in the coming years.

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