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The adVantages of Valtech Vantage

VP of Marketing and Innovation

April 30, 2019

The “one size fits all” days are over. Personalization is the latest buzzword transforming the retail industry. That's why we created Valtech Vantage.

Today’s consumers not only demand unique omni-channel experiences but also a frictionless journey on and offline. Valtech_Vantage intertwines these demands seamlessly. The platform gathers data about consumer behaviour in physical locations and connects it with web analytics to create an omni-channel consumer profile powering marketing personalization.

Here’s how it works:

1. When a customer enters a store, the radio signal emitted from their phone provides the opportunity to collect behavioural data from your physical location visitors.

2. Using existing in-store Wi-Fi, Vantage detects these signals to show anonymous visitor count, locations, time spent.

3. Once a customer opts-in to be identified through a personal identifier (email, phone number, loyalty number, etc.) Vantage can send them information (discounts, offers, etc.) to enhance their in-store experience.

4. Using their personal identifier, an omni-channel customer profile is created integrating their on and offline activity, enabling a deeper knowledge of core customers and helping them along their journey.

The insights gained from the customer's in-store behaviour will act as a digital bookmark the next time they enter any of the retailer’s locations. For instance, if your customer purchases a coat from your store, the personalized targeting may send them an email suggesting pairing their new item with a matching hat or gloves.

Retailers are embracing personalization but not in a way that is proving to be revolutionary or engaging. How consumers behave across channels remains a mystery for most companies. According to Forrester, “The retailers surveyed told us that the top two inhibitors to personalization programs are their inability to track shoppers across different touchpoints and their inability to attribute sales accurately to marketing programs when shoppers touch multiple channels.”

Vantage is precise in targeting your key audience. It classifies visitors by micro-segments based on their attributes and activity in-store and online. Companies can integrate their mobile app with Vantage and expand their marketing reach through in-store interactions. Location-based messages can be enhanced by offering smart content [such as surveys, coupons or video advertising] determined by on-site behaviours. Easily promote offers, events, or loyalty programs to new and existing customers.

Vantage isn’t based on crystal ball predictions. The platform unlocks your customers’ data from multiple touch points reducing uncertainties significantly.

This is just a glimpse of what’s possible with Vantage. Read our Q&A for more details.

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