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Innovating, Testing and Scaling Our Clients' Wildest Dreams


At Valtech, Innovation isn’t something we do, it’s who we are. We’ve united people passionate about specific industries, technologies and business goals into an innovation team that both challenges and champions out-of-the-box ideas. We collaborate in a radical way because for us, it’s the only way. Afterall, what’s the use of being an international agency with a broad network of experts if you can’t tap into those resources to innovate a better world? 

It’s this passion that’s led to the exclusive Innovation Program in which our experts, in collaboration with our clients and partners, create unique Proofs of Concept (POCs) that showcase what’s possible with the tech available. We host online innovation workshops utilising design thinking to outline proof of concept projects that we develop with our clients. These POCs are initial manifestations of an impactful idea; a brand’s first tangible step toward the implementation of permanent innovation. The innovation workshops feature solutions and demonstrations that are developed hand-in-hand with clients and our distributed team of solve-focused thought leaders. 

“We explore emerging technologies with cross-functional teams of experts — a melting pot of creative and technical minds — to support customers with innovative ideas and the co-creation of disruptive proof of concept projects.” 
- Greg Schwartz, Program Manager

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Dynamic Experiences

Simply put, a deeper digital to physical connectivity. With so much of commerce moving to the digital space, brands with a physical presence have seen the need to integrate their online and in-store commerce strategies. Our digital experiences encompass Dynamic Stores, Animation Parks, Museum Experiences and more! 

Enhanced Realities

Enhanced Reality is the digital layer over the “real world.” It’s often used to share information, to contextualize and to trigger emotions with compelling storytelling. As such, it’s a technology that will be crucial in our dynamic future filled with on and offline connected experiencesOnline workshops related to Enhanced Reality cover Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality and Remote/Virtual Events.

Touchless Interfaces

Touchless interfaces aren’t just fun and progressive, they’re also far more sanitary than the high touchpoint interfaces that have dominated in recent years. Touchless is all about giving power back to the end user and making sure they feel safe in using the interface in question. To maximise that safety, we cover a wide range of touchless interfaces in our workshops, including Computer Vision, Voice Interface, Gesture Control and Personal-Public Control. 

Remote Experiences

Remote experiences allow you to mimic the physical experience of being in the store while customers are still safe at home. Remote experiences carry the benefit of incorporating teach from just about each stream. There’s nothing stopping any experience from making use of any number of different touchless interfaces or enhanced reality. Within our workshops, we’ve explored topics as varied as AI Personalization, Social Commerce, Remote Experiences, Machine Learning, Omnichannel Profiling, Physical-Digital Experience and more! 


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