Touchless Interfaces

Reimagining the Interface

Reimagining the Interface


At Valtech, Innovation is more than what we do, it’s who we are. And you can’t have a collection of innovative thinkers and designers without a strong focus on emerging and trending technology.  

A touch-free interface is now the consumers’ chosen way to connect digitally in public spaces. It has been predicted by several industry pundits that nearly every technology in our lives will integrate voice technology in some way in the next five years. With this rapid emergence across industries, companies that leverage voice capabilities as part of their ecosystem will proactively differentiate themselves with both their customers and their employees.   

We’re sprinting into a world where contactless interfaces will not only be fun and novel, but necessary for health and public confidence. Creating the kinds of experiences necessary to capitalise on this shift is necessary for all brands looking to make their way into the future. As such, we’ve focused our innovations on showing how easy to implement and universally applicable these interfaces are.   

As a lab-to-learn partner, we are primed to help our clients deliver delightful experiences and collaborate on new promising proofs-of-concept and prototypes that we stress-test in our own in-house retail space.  

As people have been spending more time at home and demanding contactless experiences when they venture out, we are seeing behaviour change much faster than we would otherwise expect.  
- Ariane Caviedes, Touchless Interfaces Lead at Valtech

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Our POCs

Touchless interfaces

Take a look at some of our POCs to get a better understanding of the innovative work we’ve done. 

Gesture Control

Navigate through a menu or an image gallery with hand gestures, no touch required, by simply swiping left and right in the air. Hand signs can be used to navigate a sequence of slides just by giving the camera a 👍 or a ✌️ .


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Voice Clienteling

This voice assistant helps a call center representative by capturing important information in a real time conversation. The AI built into the platform can then pull up a product catalogue and make recommendations based on what the client is interested in.


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