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As products become increasingly complex, digital and connected, traditional commerce systems are simply not fit for purpose. To scale at critical moments, innovate at pace and reduce risk, a fresh approach is needed...

Offer a best-in-class purchase experience

Future-Fitting & Scalable

Scale-up at the crucial moments

Coping with the scale of high-demand periods and losing customer trust are challenges that retailers have always faced. For every challenge, however, there is an answer.

By selecting best-of-breed solutions and combining them into a custom platform, today’s digital retailers can, for example, leverage their in-store inventory to accelerate growth during critical moments. 

This agile approach empowers businesses to deliver a memorable e-commerce experience; one that extends beyond the point of sale and keeps customers coming back time and time again.

“Often something as predictable as rigid commerce technology, requiring a re-platform initiative, stands in our way and forces innovative thinking way out into the future” CAsper Rasmussen, SVP Technology at Valtech

Innovate at pace with full flexibility

Transforming Levi’s stores from a simple space into an emotive experience

To help Levi’s digitally onboard customers and grow online sales, Valtech created an in-store digital experience that inspires, educates and converts. By devising a ‘Tailor Shop’ iPad application we provided a localized offering that enables store tailors to engage with their customers on a whole new level.


Combining digital and physical spaces into a Connected Experience, we empowered Levi’s to rapidly transform the customer journey from inspiration to purchase. Increasing consumer loyalty, brand affinity and taking a competitive advantage were all achieved along the way...


Discover Levi's Personalized Retail

Boost sales with a cutting-edge, agile solution

End-to-end e-commerce Experience

Cut risk & enhance performance

Launching a composable enterprise makes your business more agile in the way it can react to the market. Giving you the flexibility to reduce uncertainty as you improve performance, this problem-solving digital approach allows you to capitalize on new opportunities.

Offering an end-to-end e-commerce experience, a direct-to-consumer launchpad that enables a payment and distribution network is just one way you can respond to digital-savvy consumers. As the co-founder of the MACH Alliance and with proven products, Valtech helps you cut through the noise and get to work.

Stay ahead of the curve and secure new revenue streams with customer-focused, connected and composable solutions.


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