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  • Company: Telia
  • Theme: Data-Driven Enterprise Approach
  • Name & Title: Christian Agger, Country Head of Digital & Analytics
  • Topics: Actionable Data, Data-Driven Change, Organizational Change, Management Buy-In, AI and Deep Learning


Data - a matter of survival

Data has been a hot topic for years. Still, many companies haven't cracked the code entirely and are still struggling to find their path towards a more data-driven enterprise approach.

If you ask Christian, it's not a question of whether or not to be data-driven, it's a matter of when you're going to be data-driven, if you want your business to endure. While there are great obstacles and costs on the way, the benefits far outweigh them. Get Christian's insights and learnings to help you navigate more steadily towards a data-driven approach.

"Very often, if the business doesn't trust the data, they don't dare to make decisions based on that data. So it's really important that you have a lot of focus on quality."


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